I live in my Art

and I hope for peace in the world. But untill now that seems to be fiction.
So I decided to create my window into another world, what appears to be a major challenge.
In resent paintings I combine geometric figures and lines with organic forms. I like the chalenge of these two items because they are so opposite. My idea´s and expression are about global warming ( emotionally and abstractly worked out in images as gletcher, polarbear, ocean, soldiers, people).You could call it abstract figuration. The geometric form gives a transparancy and depth in the painting. A window into another world.

I started to Paint and Draw in 1981 till 1984 at the Rietveld Academie . Didn’t find what I was looking for at the Rietveld and followed from 1984 different workshops in sculpture and drawing. I Practized a lot of modelling drawing in ateliers of Anton Assies. From 1993 I was showing and selling my artworks in my galerie and atelier in De Nieuwe Hoogstraat 5 in Amsterdam. From 1994 -2001 Art Yard was representing and selling my works to companys.From 2003 untill 2010, I lived most of the time in Spain. Painting, exhibiting, traveling and communicating with the local people. Meeting new artist-friends and having expositions in capitals like Antequera, Madrid, Valencia and Málaga.
Since 2010 back in Amsterdam working on different projects. I like to be busy and explore various materials as also digital technics ! For the extra dimension !
In my life there are two citys I love to live and those are Amsterdam and Málaga !