” I live in my Art” 

And hope for peace in the world. But untill now that seems to be more than fiction.
So I decided to create my world of imagination, a mix of reality and fiction.This is a major challenge.

Since I started painting my inspiration came from danse and movement. Than 1996 metamorphoses from animal to human and visaversa, also territorium defence. Sadly we all know how important borders and  global warming are… Those subjects spinning in my mind are emotionally and abstractly worked out…() One time abstract and the other time a mix of abstract and figuration.

Humor like my dolphin drawings is another facet wich I love to be bussy with…*** In more resent paintings I combine geometric figures and lines with organic forms. I like the chalenge of these two items because they are so opposite. It seems that everything comes back, thinking of formes, compositions,subjectes,music, but then in another coat and style, the artist style ()

My mission and wish is to create A window into another world